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Arm Surgery (Brachyplasty)

Why is Arm Lift (Brachyplasty) surgery carried out?

Due to gravity, aging and excess weight fluctuations, significant changes occur in the upper portion of the arm between the shoulder and the elbow. Structural changes which occur in the skin and the subcutaneous fatty tissue cause wrinkles and sagging in particular in the arm. These undesirable changes cause people to look older than they are, and can cause psychological problems leading them to avoid wearing short sleeve or halter tops. Arm surgery is surgery carried out to find solutions to all these problems. 

Does Arm Lift (Brachyplasty) Surgery leave a scar?

In arm lift plastic surgery, depending on the degree of sag in the arm, there can be scars left on the inner side of the arm to the elbow, or under the arm, and sometimes in both areas. This scar can be visible and red as with all aesthetic surgery to begin with. Following complete recovery it is less visible. When recovery is not normal, it can remain pink red or a darker color.

What other methods are there for arm aesthetics?

While sagging can occur in the arm due to aging and weakness, problems such as thickening due to excess weight gain or thinning due to excessive weight loss can occur.

In thickening due to excessive fat accumulation liposuction, laser lipolysis applications can be used to thin the arm area suitably.

In thinning resulting from excessive weight loss, sufficient thickening can be achieved through injecting fat collected from the body of the patient into the upper arm.

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