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Buttock and Hip Aesthetics

What is understood when buttock and hip aesthetics is mentioned?

A few centuries ago, women who had large buttocks and hips were depicted as the symbol of aesthetic, beauty and sexuality. Because of the changes in the aesthetic norms, today women who have tight and high hips and bottoms that protrude back, have short top bottom length and do not prolapse are considered as beautiful and sexy.

Is buttock and hip aesthetics a surgery that is often applied? 

While years ago, bottom and hip aesthetics surgeries were applied rarely, women stopped seeing the facial beauty as the most important thing and they started to give importance to the beauty of other parts of the body (maybe more than the face) with the effects of popular culture and fashion. Thus, the number of people who apply to the surgeons for bottom and buttock aesthetics increases. Bottom and hip aesthetics are especially performed in countries such as Brazil, England and the US. As a part of the health tourism, many people come to our country to have this surgery and this also has a place in the media. Thus, these surgeries are performed in our country with an increasing number.

How is the silicon implantation applied in buttock and hip aesthetics?

This is known as the most effective, the most certain result giving and the most permanent method. It is applied with the bottom prosthesis which is similar to breast silicon prosthesis. It is a surgery performed under general anesthesia or spinal-epidural anesthesia. Silicon prosthesis must be implanted among the gluteal muscles. In some impossible conditions, it can be implanted under the sarcolemma of these muscles. However, the implantation under the skin is not a proper plan.

When and how hip or buttock lift surgeries are made?

After intensive weight gain and loss, birth, aging and bariatric surgery, intense prolapses can be seen because of lysis of under skin tissues in bottom and hip region because of the weight loss. In these situations, bottom and hips are extended towards up via taking off the extra parts of the prolapsed skin. After this surgery, there will be surgical scars from one side to the other side of the belly that will stay under the underwear. During this surgery, the person’s tissues are implanted into the extended hip of the person via the auto-prosthesis technique.

How is buttock and hip aesthetics performed via liposuction?

Especially in women with weight problem, lipoidosis develops in lower extremities and hips. This lipoidosis can cause square shaped hip because of the fat accumulated at the lower part and the lower sides of the hip. This fat causing this shape is taken off via liposuction and a round hip is created.

How is hip and buttock aesthetics perfomed via fat injection?

Especially in slim people, hip region seems so flat and this causes aesthetic and psychological problems. The fat taken from the other parts of the body via an injector is injected to the hip region via an injector without cutting. Thanks to this , hip region gets plump and gains more aesthetic shape. In order to get the best result, 2 sessions are necessary.

How is buttock and hip aesthetic surgery performed via filling material?

Besides performing the operation via fat injection, it can also be accomplished via ready filling materials. The most used material for this aim is the hydrophilic gel. It can be made with sedation and local anesthesia in sterile conditions. After two hours pass over the application, the patient can go back home.

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