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Hand Aesthetics

What are the reasons for the rapid aging of our hands?

Apart from fulfilling very crucial functions, our hands also are very important organs in terms of communicating with other people. The hands constantly encounter dangerous environmental factors such as cold weather, solar rays, various chemicals and detergents. Also being the most commonly used organ, hands are more defenseless against injury and especially sun, and difficult to recover since they are not covered by clothes like the other parts of our body. Therefore the hand skin which is fleshy and shiny in adolescence loses its elasticity even at the age of twenties. In time, aging symptoms increase, wrinkles become more apparent, sub-dermal fatty tissue decreases and hence the veins become clear. Thus, the hands become the most important indicator of aging.

Why is hand aesthetics important?

Hands are one of the most visible regions along with our face; While eating, writing, combing hair, coughing, talking on the phone, explaining something, hand shaking, touching each other etc. the hands always draw attention, and needless to say that accessories like rings also intensifies the stares on hands. Especially for people who had procedures to rejuvenate the face like face lifting, major difference is commonly  visible between the age of the face and the age of the hand since they come together a lot while performing the activities mentioned above. This contrast bothers the people very much and they feel the need to hide their hands.

Is there a condition that prevents hand aesthetics?

There is not a special reason that prevents the hand aesthetics surgery. However, ailments such as connective tissue diseases, wound healing problems, allergy, blood pressure and diabetes must be questioned before the hand aesthetics surgery just like in any surgery.

Which complaints does the plastic surgery of hands solve?

The problems solved by this surgery are excess skin causing wrinkles, in addition to the reduction of the thickness of the skin, reduction of its fullness, thus visibility of the green shadows of the veins under the skin and the strings moving the fingers in such a manner that it attracts attention at first sight and the age spots appearing on the skin.

What kind of methods are there for the plastic surgery of hands?

Among the problems causing the hands to seem old, the most common one is due to the lessening of the fatty tissue under the skin, the veins and the strings under the skin approach the surface and become visible. Thinning of the skin in time and the increase of the spotting due to the sun make that situation worse. Own fatty tissue of the person or ready filling substances are injected under the skin, and the thickness of the under skin tissues is increased, and the visibility of the veins and the strings is thus prevented or reduced. Filling substances is a practice which must be repeated once a year. With respect to the injection of fat, permanent results are accomplished when it is applied two or three times.

How are the spots on the hands treated?

The cause of the aging of the hands is not only the loss of the under skin tissues and the thinning of the skin, but also the spots appearing on the skin due to the sun and the aging. Chemical peeling and laser peeling methods are applied for the treatment of the spots, and these problems are also solved, and you can have a brighter and spotless hand skin.

How is the apparent vascularization on the back of the hands removed?

One of the most important problems of the weakening and aging hands is that the veins broaden and become apparent. The way of getting rid of that view is to inject fats or fillings around the veins. However, sometimes veins broaden so much that these applications may not suffice. In that case, in-vitro sclerosing substance injections give considerably good results.

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