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Leg Aesthetics

What kind of deformities of the legs can be fixed?

Undesired looks and deformations in the leg area as in other parts of our body can be problematic for the people. Having long, straight and fit legs is everybody’s desire.  Improved methods of aesthetic surgery can bring excellent solutions to thin leg, thick leg and crooked leg, excessive fat accumulation at the sides of the knees and around ankles.

These issues are not problems to be solved by exercise or diet, and generally come out as a result of genetic inheritance. Some women do not even wear skirts because they do not like the shape of their legs.

What are the methods applied in leg aesthetics?

In order to solve the problems in the leg area; methods such as calf implant, liposuction and fat injection are used. These methods can sometimes be used alone and sometimes at the same time. If there is a difference in thickness in terms of diameter between the area above knee and mid-calf area, there is a difference in thickness or shape between each leg, or if the legs have a crooked look, these problems can be solved with leg prosthesis operation. Same problems can also be fixed with liposuction or fat injection as well as application of both fat injection and leg prosthesis at the same time in order to get a better results.

Can leg aesthetics be performed with filling material?

If there is a deformity in the legs especially due to lack of tissue in the inner parts of the mid-calf area, the amount of soft tissue can be increased by injecting ready filling material into this area. Filling materials such as hyaluronic acid and hydrophilic gel can be used in legs. While the permanence of hyaluronic acid is 1 year, the permanence of hydrophilic gel is said to be approximately 3-4 years.

What kind of an application is leg shaping with fat injection?

Fat injection is a highly successful method applied for especially thin legs with worn-out inner sides. Because generally the fats are taken from the abdominal and waist region, the person gets rid of his extra fats in those regions at the same time. Theoretically, because the permanence of the fats taken from some part of the body and transferred into other region is 50%, fat injection for leg shaping generally gives the desired permanent outcome with 2 sessions. There is no mark left because there is no cut.  Usually it can be done via spinal-epidural or general anesthesia.

How is leg silicone prosthesis (Calf implant) done?

If the muscles in the inner region of the lower leg (mid-calf) are not fully-developed and the sub-dermal fatty tissue does not have sufficient thickness, or slight crookedness in the bone is of issue, the person’s legs may seem thin, shapeless and crooked. This is a very disturbing situation. In that case, highly successful results can be obtained by placing silicone leg prosthesis into the inner region of the leg. It is a surgery that leaves approximately 4-5 cm of a scar in the inner region of the knee and lasts about 1 hour. After 1 week, you can go back to your daily life.

How is the aesthetic integrity in the legs?

Body is an aesthetic whole. The legs need to be symmetrically straight and in compliance with the rest of the parts of the body. For this purpose; flat and wide looking hips can be made to look narrower, higher and curvy, legs can be made to look straighter and longer then they are by fixing the leg and hip regions with the help of liposuction and fat injection techniques. With the attempts towards knee region, the crooked look of the leg can be fixed. Thus an aesthetic harmony is created in the lower half of the body.

In which situations the leg lift operation is performed?

After an excessive weight loss, generally there is a considerate amount of sagging in the inner parts of the upper leg region depending on the extra amount of skin. The person encounters problems such as skin friction, skin rash and not being able to wear appropriate clothes.

The extra skin in the leg region is removed with the leg lift operation, a smooth look is obtained and the sagging is fixed. After leg lift aesthetics, there can be scars left from the inner parts of the legs until knees depending on the amount of sagging of the skin. If the extra skin is not in excessive amounts, this scar can be placed on the groin region.

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