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Liposuction (Vacuum Removal of Fat)

What does Liposuction mean?

Liposuction, or vacuum removal of fat, is the removal of fat through 2-4mm thin cannulas using negative pressure from the body. To facilitate the removal by aspiration of the fat through the cannulas, first a serum which dissolves the fat in the area is injected, and this serum reduces bleeding. Thus fats within the body are easily aspirated. Sometimes prior to removal of fat, ultrasound is applied to break up the fat.

How does fat buildup occur?

Some of the most important causes for excessive fat buildup are bad eating habits, genetic structure and a sedentary lifestyle. The number of fat cells in the fat tissue of an adult human body is fixed. So in other words the number of fat cells does not increase in those past puberty with weight gain, the volume of the cells increases and they grow.

How can we remove excessive fat ?

The way to remove excessive weight is to adopt healthy eating habits and regular exercise. However some areas with fat buildup such as stomach, waist, hips, arms, inner and outer aspects of the legs, knees and under the chin are resistant to diet and exercise, and a genetic predisposition is possible. The excessive fat buildup in these areas can be alleviated at a very low rate with diet and exercise. If diet and exercise is continued the general metabolism of the body can be disrupted. The most effective method of alleviating fat buildup which will not disappear through sufficient diet and exercise is liposuction.

Why is Liposuction (Vacuum assisted fat removal) carried out?

Liposuction is not a weight loss surgery in the general meaning, it is surgery where stubborn accumulation of fat tissue, bumps and deformities are removed and the the body contour is corrected. With liposuction, only fat deposits which are overflowing from the general contours of the body are removed. With the removal of fat cells whose volume has increased, the number of fat cells in the body is also reduced.

Is liposuction a dangerous application?

Due to the technique not having been sufficiently developed in the first years of liposuction, due to the insufficiency of the vacuum machines, due to the cannulas being large, and the application of the dry method, a number of significant problems arose. Liquid electrolyte losses have been caused, and there have even been people who have lost their lives due to fat embolism. However, in recent years, after the developments in medical science and liposuction techniques such issues are no longer in existence. Especially in the last 4-5 years, liposuction has become an indispensable method for correcting body contour and has proven to be superior to alternative methods. If the objective of the person is to correct contour disorders in certain areas of the body, rather than remove large amounts of fat and lose weight, then liposuction is the most effective method which can be selected.

With properly selected patients, safe hospital conditions, a well applied technique, and without exceeding safe limits, it is a method which does not have significant risks. While safe limits vary according to different scientific sources, it is generally reported as 3-5 liters. However, when certain conditions are met, a larger amount of fat (7-10 liters) can be removed, in this case precautions should be taken to prevent liquid electrolyte balance disruption, and sometimes blood transfusion may be required.

Is liposuction effective in the treatment of cellulite?

The fat which is found under the skin tissue in our body, is divided into two layers as deep and superficial fat tissue. In the liposuction method, both of these layers can be removed. The removal of the superficial fat tissue just under the skin is called “liposculpture”. Liposculpture has become the most effective method in removing skin sagging and stubborn cellulite. When considering this aspect, liposuction is a very important and successful method to be considered in the treatment of cellulite treatment. However it should be known that cellulite is a very stubborn issue and may not be treated with a single method and may require combined treatment.

Where and under what conditions should liposuction be performed?

Liposuction surgery is a method which should be carried out under hospital conditions. Depending on the amount of fat to be removed it can last anywhere between 1 – 3 hours. If the area where vacuum is to applied is large, general anaesthesia should be preferred. If it is to be carried out in a more limited area then it can be carried out with epidural-spinal anaesthesia or intravenous sedation + local anaesthesia. According to the amount of fat to be removed, the patient is discharged either the same day or 1 day later from the hospital.

What is Lipolysis? Is it an effective method?

Lipolysis technique is a technique that was introduced in recent years. There are varieties such as Laser, Cold Lipolysis and Chemical lipolysis. Cold Lipolysis, as its name suggests, aims to melt the fats with cold application and then remove them from the body.

Chemical lipolysis; is a technique where the melting and ridding of fats from the body is aimed from the injection of certain substances into the fatty areas. While these chemicals can have damaging effects on the liver and kidneys, these substances can cause tissue death (necrosis) in the areas they are applied.

What is Laser Lipolysis? Is it an effective method?

Laser lipolysis; was discovered in the 1990s by Prof. Dr. Arman Çağdaşfrom Ege University, and with the first applications, was presented at the Asia Pacific Plastic surgery congress. In later years, some Italian companies developed this device and put it to use.

The aim in laser lipolysis is to burn the fat tissue with the aid of laser light and remove it from the body. Sometimes these burned fats are removed with regular liposuction. At the same time heat is applied under the skin, and this may be of benefit to the areas of sagging. However as it is a method where heat is emitted, there is also a risk of thermal burns occurring on the skin.

Laser lipolysis, is a weak and inefficient method on significant localized fat accumulation. The best practice area is the inner leg and upper arm inner surface where there is very little fat accumulation, however it has no significant effect on these areas with excess fat accumulation.

What is the most effective method of fat removal?

The most effective method in the removal of fat to date, is the liposuction method carried out with classic vacuum, there are dry, wet, and hyperwet methods. The most effective and low risk method is the hyperwet liposuction technique.

What should be done after liposuction surgery, will there be pain and bruising?

The patient must wear a tight corset for 4-6 weeks following liposuction. The corset will help the loosening skin to regain its elasticity. There may be some pain following surgery which is not intense, there may be swelling and bruising in the area where liposuction was applied, and these complaints will decrease and resolve over time. If you do not have a very hard job, then you can return to work on the 4th-5th days, or he latest 1 week, and the bruising and swelling will resolve within 10-15 days.

Should massage be applied after Liposuction?

There may be some minor irregularities in the area where liposuction is applied in the future. To resolve them and ensure tightening of the skin, LPG and lymph drainage massages of beauty centers must be applied. It would be good for 3 weeks to be waited prior to massage following liposuction.

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