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Plastic Surgery of Genital Region

What kind of problems do malformations of sexual organs create?

For females and males, malformations in the sexual region or the fact that their views are not as they wish they were bring together important psychological and functional problems such as being ashamed of oneself, absence of sexual appetite, sexual dissatisfaction, etc. In such a case, the humans may have an introverted, depressive personality and may be detached from the life, and they may encounter problems with their spouses, and they may isolate themselves from the society.

What are the causes of the vaginal malformations?

Malformations and visual problems in esthetic aspects appear in the vaginal area due to aging, vaginal childbirth (especially those whom episiotomy is applied and occurrence of unwanted tears during delivery) and excessive sexual activities. These problems are both a concern for the females and important for their sexual partners.

What are the esthetic problems in the vaginal area?

We may encounter various appearance problems in and around vagina. For example, excessive fattening may occur in the region above the vagina called pubis for overweight females. Excessive largeness of the clitoris may result in both appearance problems and health problems. Furthermore, sexual dissatisfaction may be experienced due to hidden clitoris while the clitoris is small or the cover on it called clitoral hood is large.

Labia major (large lips) which are stuffed and vivacious at young ages may lose their fullness and may create a disturbing view as they lose their fatty tissues due to excessive weight loss or aging. Among all these malformations, the most encountered problem is that the structure called labia minor (small lips or internal lips of the vagina) is very large (hypertrophy). Additionally, problems like excessive broadening and pytosis may also be encountered.

Labioplasty (Plastic surgery of the vaginal lips)

Esthetic interventions performed on the small or internal lips of the vagina (Labium minor) and on the large or external lips of the vagina (Labium major) are called labioplasty esthetics.

As a result of excessive growth of the small lips (hypertrophy) impairment of the view, asymmetry and pain complaints occur due to the friction with the underwear or during the sexual intercourse. These problems can be solved by shrinking the large lips with labioplasty (plastic surgery of the small lips).

Problems observed in the large lips like shrinking, graying and loss of fullness are treated with fat injections and filling injections.

How is the labioplasty performed?

Labioplasty (plastic surgery of small lips) is a surgery which can be performed by local anesthesia or spinal-epidural anesthesia (waist narcotization) which lasts approximately 1 hour. You may return home on the same day. It can be performed basically in two techniques. One of them is to cut and take the excess part from the free edge. In this method, as the cut is on the free edge, the scar is visible. However, because of the fact that labial region scars heal well, it is not a disturbing scar at the end.

The method applied more and ensuring a more esthetic view is the flap labioplasty (inferior wedge) technique. In this method, as the part removed is in the lower and in the inner sections, the cut performed and the scars left are on the ground and not at a place seen directly. In case that it is cured normally, no problems of scars are experienced. Moreover, in the flap technique, since the cut is not on the free edge, no problems of loss of sense are experienced, either. After the labioplasty surgery, narrow trousers and such clothes should not be worn for nearly 2 weeks and prohibition of sexual intercourse for 3 weeks should be observed.

Plastic Surgery of Labia Major (Large Lips)

Problems in the large vaginal lips are generally in the form of filling the lips, the interior of which has been emptied and the fullness of which has been lost. As no surgical cut is made, no scars are left. As filling material, own fat of the person or ready fillings may be used. As it is a sensitive region, own fat of the person is preferred more. Sometimes application of 2 sessions may be required, so that permanent result can be obtained from the fat injection. Ready filling materials must be applied once a year. However, less material is required for each repeated application. It can be performed with local sedation anesthesia or spinal-epidural anesthesia (waist narcotization). You may return home on the same day. You have to observe the prohibition of sexual intercourse for a period of approximately 10 days.

Plastic Surgery of the Pubis

The region in front of the vagina and above the clitoris is called pubic region. Excessive swelling or a bump may occur in that region especially in the bodies of the overweight females as a result of excessive fattening. That view sometimes becomes very disturbing. The most effective method to remedy that view is to remove these fats by liposuction.

Vaginal Reduction Surgery

Excessive broadening of the vagina occur usually due to delivering vaginal childbirth, aging and excessive sexual activities. In the vaginal constriction surgery, part of the mucosa (internal cover) on the inner walls and in the entry of the vagina is removed and the remaining mucosa is stitched, and the vaginal constriction is accomplished. The surgery can be performed with general anesthesia or spinal-epidural (waist) anesthesia and lasts approximately 1 hour. You may return home on the same day. You have to observe the prohibition of sexual intercourse for a period of at least 1 month after the vaginal constriction surgery.

Plastic Surgery of the Genital Area of the Males

For males who have troubles with the length and the width of their penis, these troubles may lead to psychological and physiological disorders in time and may cause to refrain from and/or to be afraid of sexuality.

Penis extension and penis thickening: With a tiny cut performed at the root of the penis, the length of the penis may be increased 1-2 cm by intervening on the suspensor ligament. The problem is thus solved, however, that extension does not change the length of the penis in erected situation. Penis may be thickened by placing the tissues obtained from the person around the penis.

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