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Ear Aesthetics

In which ages are ear aesthetic operations performed?

The 80 percent of ear developments are completed in the ages 5-6. Therefore, ear aesthetics operations can be done after the age of 6 even before going to the school, which is a difference from other aesthetics operations. Thus, a child never experience psychological problems, which she/he may face due to malformation in her/his ears. In addition, ear aesthetic operations can be done in any ages after 5.

What is Prominent Ear?

Prominent ear is one of the developmental anomalies. It can simply be defined as the increase of the angle which ear makes with head or ears’ being distant from head. It can occur in different severities, from slight to severe. The reason for prominent ear anomaly is the change in cartilage of the ear. The reason of this anomaly may be concha’s being too deep, non-formation of antihelix fold and cruralis and scapha’s being indistinct. One or several of these factors may exist together according to the severity of anomaly. When an ear aesthetic operation  (otoplasty) is being planned, determining its reasons truly and making some applications oriented to the reason should be done.

How is  ear aesthetic (otoplasty)  performed?

Otoplasty can be performed after the age of 6. Prominent Ear Aesthetics can be conducted under general anesthesia in children and local anesthesia in the ones above 10. The patients have no pain during otoplasty. Prominent Ear Aesthetics Operations can take 1, 5 –2 hours approximately. Cutt made from behind of ear and cartilaginous tissue of external ear is opened. If the depth of concha is much,  cartilage removal is performed on the concha. Cartilage is thinned from appropriate places with cartilage rasp to provide the fold of the external ear towards the back and it is made to come to normal angle of the ear by putting permanent sutures to the required spots. The stain is behind the ear and the patient can return  home on the same day.

What should be cared for after otoplasty?

Patient’s head should stay bandaged for a week. A headband, over the ears, should be used in the following week. The patient should not lie down on her/his ears and lie by putting two pillows under her/his head during the first ten days.

What is Microtia (Small Ear, Ear Deficiency)?

 It is a problem that occurs as a result of lack of formation in a part of the ear innately or its inadequate formation. The operations are started in the age of 5. In the first operation cartilage taken from a rib is buried under the skin in temporal part by shaping it as an ear skeleton. In the second operation, the ear lobe is brought back to its normal position with a rotation. At the third session, the skin for the creation of ear and the previously buried cartilage are lifted, and the skin graft is transfered  behind ear. After these basic surgeries, some corrective surgeries might be necessary.

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