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Eyebrow Lift

What is the importance of eyebrows?

Eyebrows are very important structures on human face. They directly affect and direct our look, mimics and therefore the expression on our face. Different eyebrow styles can create angry, tired, happy, sad or startled expressions on faces. Sagging eyebrows can make the face look older by causing a bit of eye lid sagging.

What is the ideal eyebrow shape?

According to the literature, eyebrows that end at the line drawn with the inner border going up from the edge of the nose wing and end at the line drawn upwards, outer border passing from the edge of the nose wing and ending at the outer corner of the eye, of which the highest point is somewhere between the pupil and outer corner of the eye is the ideal brow, that is the crescent-shaped eyebrows raised in the middle. However, I think this cannot be the ideal description for everybody, because there is no standard for beauty. While the higher the brow is raised the prettier it looks on some faces, in some others straight eyebrows that mildly raise to the sides or sometimes the eyebrows that 2/3 of it is left in the middle and plucked from the sides look beautiful.

What is performed during eyebrow aesthetics?

Methods such as plucking eyebrows, applying permanent make up or tattoo and botox, eyebrow lifting with threads and eyebrow lifting with surgery are performed. Different techniques can be used for each patient.

How is shaping done with permanent make up and eyebrow plucking?

By plucking the eyebrows and applying permanent make up, you can shape the eyebrow at a certain level and lift it. However, it should be thoroughly considered before making a decision since permanent make up is a method that cannot be changed for a life time. Because, erasing permanent make up is more difficult in comparison to other tattoos.

How are eyebrows lifted with botox?

Botox is a substance that leaves the mimic muscles on the face out of function temporarily. Therefore it is used successfully in wrinkle treatment, and lifting and shaping the brows. It is a simple application. Its effect starts in 4 days and reaches to its peak in 7-10 days. It should be repeated approximately once in every 6 months. After the botox application, you can immediately go back to your work and daily life.

Can eyebrows be lifted with threads ?

It is possible to lift the eyebrows effectively with thread application under skin. With the help of needles, by stringing threads that do not dissolve through the 2-3 mm cuts in hair and above the brow, the eyebrows are lifted as high as possible. Its effect continues between 8 months to 1 year. You can go back to your work the same day. Recently, special threads have been produced to make hanger. It is possible to make a more effective and longer term (approximately 2 years) brow lifting with these threads that can do two-way lift.

Is eyebrow hanging with surgery a difficult method?

If the sides of the brows without any kind of sagging are requested to be lifted which is generally asked by the patients of young or middle age group, this is a method applied alone. For a older  age group, it can be combined with face lifting surgeries and eye lid aesthetics. Brow lifting through surgery is a method that gives permanent results. However in time, eyebrows will get lower a little due to sagging.

One of the classic methods is to take out necessary amount of skin from the upper lines of the brows through cuts that are appropriate to the shape of the brows, and to re-stitch the remaining skin back to the brow line. It is a fast and simple method, which is applied under local anesthesia and can be preferred at elder patients.

Another method is to enter the temporal region through a 1 cm cut of the scalp and after freeing the skin region up to brow from the lower tissues, re-stitching it by throwing away the extra skin. In this method, the scar is hidden in the scalp.

Is it possible to lift the eyebrows with endoscope?

Yes, the eyebrow can be effectively lifted with endoscope. The most popular technique in recent years is the endoscopic forehead lifting and brow lifting that can be used together with forehead lifting or just to lift brows.

How are the eyebrows lifted with endoscope?

A long thin tube attached to a video camera called endoscope is used. The endoscope is placed in 3-5 small cuts opened in the scalp. Thus, the surgeon can work by seeing the inside of the forehead thanks to endoscope. Surgeon performs the operation by inserting surgical instruments through other holes. The endoscope technique enables the cuts to be in very small sizes. The excess tissues and muscles causing the wrinkles in the forehead can be fixed by looking at them from the camera. Hanger threads are placed in the brows.

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