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Lip Aesthetics

Why is beauty of the lip important?

Lips are remarkable parts of the face due to their location on the center of the face. So, alive and fleshy lips are accepted as indicators of beauty, attractiveness and youth. It is an important part of facial beauty. Beautiful lips make the face more beautiful and attractive.

What are the effects of aging on lips?

While thick and fleshy lips are indications of youth, lips which are thinner and have wrinkles on the corner indicates old age.  Thin lips may have genetic basis and sometimes lips may become thin due to tissue loss during aging. Lip aging is in line with facial aging. If lower lip sagging is severe, lower teeth may be seen during laughing and speaking. This is called dental show and it is an important criteria of aging. In younger ages, upper teeth are more visible when laughing and speaking.

What should be cared in lip aesthetics?

Chin nature, nose and teeth are very important for the appearance of the lips.  Beyond location of the lips, lip size, width, thickness of lower and upper lips, visibility rate of the teeth when laughing are important for surgery planning.  Lower lip should be thicker that the upper lip; gingiva should not be visible when laughing. Lips should remain back from the virtual line drawn from the nose tip to the gonion. Excessive lips in front of this line would not provide an aesthetic look.

Who may have lip aesthetics?

Aesthetic lip surgery is applied to those with genetically thin lips, those whose lips became thinner due to aging in time, those who have normal lip appearance but desire younger, more beautiful and more attractive lips. Besides, there are lip repair procedures for to those who with tissue loss after lip cancer or injuries. These surgeries are important for functionality as well as aesthetic concerns.

How is lip thickening performed with fillers?

The most common, healthiest substance for increasing the volume of the lip that has the least allergic risks is Hyaluranic acid. This is one of the constituents of the tissues in the body. It is quick and easy to apply. After the procedure, you may return to work or daily life immediately. After application of an anesthetic cream onto the lip and waiting for 15 minutes for anesthesia, the procedure is performed without any pain. The necessary amount of the substance for filling cannot be exactly predicted before. The procedure is completed when the lips get in desired shape. There are brands of which the permanency varies between 6 months and 1 year.

How is aesthetic lip procedure performed using patient’s own tissues?

We may refer such aesthetic lip procedure as lip aesthetics with autogenous tissues. Fat grafts, dermis grafts (may be taken from current traces) and fascia grafts (under the scalp on temporal area) may be used for lip thickening. Fat grafts melt after a certain period and become permanent by 30-40%.  2 or 3 sessions are required to provide the desired fullness.  Dermis and fascia grafts are the tissues which shows less melting with longer permanency.  However, some scar is left on the area where grafts are removed; if any, grafts may be taken from previous scars. No scar develops in fat grafting.

How is lip aesthetics performed with surgery?

It is possible to change and thicken the lip shape surgically.  These procedures provide thickening in the lip by forwarding the lip mucosa (the red section of the lip). Result is permanent. Recovery is completed within 2 to 5 days. They are simple surgeries performed under local anesthesia. Surgical techniques vary depending on the problems of the individual.

For the individuals with elder age and longer upper lip with wrinkles on the edges, a skin strip with a width of 2-3 mm is removed from the skin (in shape of seagull wing) and lip mucosa is pulled up. This method provides good results, however patient selection should be made well.

Another surgical method is lip lifting under the nose. As consistent with the curves of lower edges of the nose, some skin part is removed by cutting in shape of bull’s horn and the skin is sutured again; so the lip is hung up. A thin cut scar is left under the skin.  It is generally performed for the patients with wider upper lip skin to shorten such distance. So, upper teeth become visible.

Is it possible to thin the thick lips?

Sometimes, lip thinning procedure may be performed to make the lips thinner which are excessively thick. An elliptical piece is removed with fat tissues from thick lip mucosa (red part) and sutured with an appropriate technique. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Swelling and bruising disappear within a couple of days. Since sutures on the mucosa are not visible, there is no scar problem after the surgery.

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