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Migraine Treatment

What is  migraine?

Basically, migraine is a disease that we encounter as headache. However, along with it, there can be nausea, vomiting, light and sound sensitivity, visual problems and psychological problems that may occur solely or together with other symptoms. When the characteristics of the patients are observed, their lives become unbearable and their work and private lives are affected negatively due to the headaches that occur for many years and repeat frequently.

Are forehead aesthetic interventions and nose aesthetic interventions effective for migraine as well?

Though by chance, it has been discovered recently that botox and some face aesthetic surgeries cure migraine. Dr Bahman Guyuron determined that his 39 patients, whom he performed forehead rejuvenating surgeries against forehead wrinkles, were taking medications for their long term severe migraine pains and 31 of them experienced cure or near cure from head ache within the 47 months of follow-up.

How do botox, nasal and facial aesthetic surgeries affect migraine?

It is determined that migraine type headaches begin from the nape, temporal side,  forehead and inner side of the eye with a trigger, and it is thought to be caused by the nerves such as occipital nerve, zygomaticotemporal nerve, supra orbital nerve and supratrochlear nerve in that region being trapped within the mimic and nape muscles. Also, it was found out that the pains beginning  in  the eye,  concha nasals  is crooked and contact  the nasal septum. Operations such as botox application, endoscopic forehead and temporal lift and septum surgery cure the migraine pains because they get rid of the trapped   nerves.

What is the migraine treatment protocol in aesthetic surgery?

Before deciding to perform surgery, the points that trigger the migraine must be determined. For this purpose, botox injections are done to specific points , then  botox let the  trapped nerves relax between  muscles and thus creates relaxation. Its headache relieving effect lasts 3-4 months, nerves are relaxed with the operation and contraction is removed.

What benefits does botox have for migraine?

Migraine patients that benefit from botox can be separated into 3 groups. Patients that have their migraine completely gone throughout the 3-4 months of continuing botox effect, patients with less migraine attacks or patients that have drastic decline in the severity of the migraine attacks.

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