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Facial Bones Fractures

What kind of problems the facial bones fractures cause?

The fractures in this region can cause deformation in the face. Moreover, fractures in the bones around the eyes can cause limitation of the movement of the eyes, diplopia and even visual loss. The fractures in chinbone and maxillary bone can cause damages in biting and speech functions. Cheekbone fractures can affect the movement of the chin. Nasal fractures can cause permanent airway obstruction. For these reasons, facial bone fractures are very important.

When should the facial bones fractures be treated ideally?

Most ideal time is to treat them immediately when fracture is happened. Sometimes, in serious traumatization including the other parts, the surgery can be delayed. In these cases, it is better to do the surgery in first 7-10 days before the fracture union. After the fracture union, the surgery becomes harder and the chances of success decrease.

How is the treatment in nasal fractures applied?

If the fracture affects the nasal structure, it can cause airway obstruction. Moreover, it can cause visible malformation.  Generally, the patient is anesthetized locally or completely and the nose is turned into the former shape. After the union of fractures, the malformed bones are needed to be broken and fixed and this is a longer and harder procedure. 

How are the chin fractures treated?

There are alternatives according to the place and shape of the fracture. In the surgery, the fractures may be detected via plate-screws or they can be treated via dental braces without a surgery. Your doctor decides which method is more suitable.

How should the treatment be in fractures of cheekbones and the bones around the eyes?

There are many alternative treatment methods for these parts. The main principle is to fixate the fractures via surgery. However, every fracture does not require a surgery. Some fractures can heal without any surgical operation.

Are the plate-screws used to fixate the fractures harmful to the body?

These plate screw systems are mostly made of titanium. There may be other materials, too. All these materials are the type that will not react much with the body, but this should not be forgotten that these materials are natural to the body. Thus, they have the possibility of infection. Sometimes after years after the surgery, the may needed to be removed. However, if there is no problem, they do not need to be removed and can stay there throughout the lifespan. The only exception is the child patients. In children, in order not to affect growth of the bones, plate-screws should be removed. Another alternative is to apply plates that can melt naturally.

How is the process of recovery period in facial bone fractures?

Distention and contusion are normal depending on the fracture and the traumatization causing the fracture. Sometimes these distensions are so much that you may have to wait for a few days to be able to have the surgery. If you have to have the surgery, your distensions will increase depending on the surgery. For the detumescence, 3-4 weeks is needed. Since the plates that will be planted via surgery are made from the tissue inside the mouth, just under the lashes or hairy skin, the scar is not a problem. Facial bones’union is so fast. There will be an important union in 10-15 days and the pain decreases depending on this.

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