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Facial Aesthetics.

What Should Your Perspective On Facial Aesthetics Be?

Facial rejuvenation is one of the most common applications in plastic surgery. Since the reasons for the appearance of the old face are very different, it is possible to achieve a younger, fresher and rested appearance for the aging face by performing more than one application or operation (intervention) simultaneously or in succession. Aging is an ongoing process and cannot be stopped, so combating aging should also be done continuously.

What Are The Causes And Consequences Of Aging?

As a result of changes caused by external factors such as time, gravity and sun, the face; lose his young and fresh appearance; it gets tired, limp, wrinkled. The foundation of an aging face is; The appearance of volume loss, wrinkling, sagging and staining. If you want to make such a face look younger, we have to fight against loss of volume, wrinkles, slackening and spots. If one of these combats is missing, it is difficult to get the ideal result.

What Effects Does Aging Have On The Top Of The Face?

If we look at the top of the face, we can see that over the years the facial expressions, such as the lifting of the eyebrows and the surprising facial expressions, the wrinkles on the forehead deepen and are permanent. Due to the action of gravity, the skin and muscle tissue that the eyebrows wear begins to sag. The upper eyelids sag over the years and the skin, which is single-layered at a young age, expands and begins to sag, causing the skin to become double-layered and thus even hangs over the eyelashes, which affects the visual field. The drooping of the eyebrows increases the relaxation of the upper eyelids. The fat pad and the bags under the eyes are created by weakening the connective tissue that holds the fatty tissue around the eyeball together in both the lower and upper eyelids. Eye bags are generally more pronounced in the lower eyelids, but can be seen in different amounts in both eyelids.

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What Are The Effects Of Aging On The Middle Face Area?

If you look at the middle of the face, the area of the cheeks and cheekbones, which is more prominent in young people, is flattened and even hollow, as the amount of fat on the cheeks decreases with age and these fat deposits with the skin-bearing muscles and skin decrease. The wrinkles (nasolabial groove) that start from both sides of the nose and go down around the mouth deepen. Wrinkles form perpendicular to the lips around the mouth.

What Effects Does Aging Have On The Lower Face?

If you look at the lower part of the face and neck, you can see that the skin of the neck loosens due to the gravity and the weakening of the platisma muscle that supports the skin of the neck and therefore hangs and the beautiful arch between the chin and the neck is lost. From the side view, a straight transition from the chin to the neck can be seen, which does not appear beautiful on the outside.

How Does Fat Injection Work And What Are The Effects?

Fat injections are applications that can be done under local or general anesthesia. It is removed from your own body with the help of an injector or a thin cannula. Again, a thin cannula, like an injector needle, is placed on the required areas of the face to eliminate the loss of volume. Because it contains stem cells in adipose tissue, it also gives the area where it is used a fresh and relaxed look. The adipose tissue that is taken from a voluminous area of ​​the body and transposed to another area is usually up to 50% permanent. As a rule, it becomes visible within the first 3 months how much is permanent in the injection area. In other words, if the fullness is not enough, it should be repeated two or three times as soon as possible after 3 months in order to achieve a sufficient, permanent volume. The persistence of adipose tissue depends on the structure of the person and whether the person smokes or not.

How Is The Filler Used? What Are The Effects?

Filling materials containing hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite are mainly used for filling applications. They last from 6 months to 1.5 years. They create volume by holding water in the area where they are used. Fillers are substances that have to be repeated regularly, but can have a cumulative effect after several sessions. In the face area; Filling materials are used in various molecular structures for lips, eye contour, cheekbones and wrinkles that extend from the edge to the corner of the mouth. Although permanent fillers are available, the use of such fillers is very risky. They have disadvantages such as permanent stiffness and mass formation. Therefore, permanent fillers are not preferred by aesthetic surgeons. If the filler is to be used, we prefer temporary fillers.

What Is The Philosophy Of Aging And Age-Appropriate Aesthetic Interventions?

If you look at the faces of babies, you can see that some of the natural wrinkles on the face are already present in infancy, but the fullness of the baby’s face makes these natural wrinkles look beautiful and not bad. The main basis for the aged appearance is that the tissues on the face (fatty tissue, muscle tissue, bone tissue) become exposed to atrophy and lose volume over time. Due to this loss of volume, the skin hangs down under the influence of gravity above the natural folds to which it is attached to deep tissues. While this condition, which began between the ages of 30 and 40, is still in its early stages, fillings (fat tissue transfer or injection of fillers) are required without surgery, methods that strengthen the connective tissue that collagen fibers in the face and deep tissue connects (laser and ultrasound applications that affect deep tissue). With this application, aging can be delayed and youthful appearance can be maintained up to the age of 45-50 years. During this period, fine wrinkles between the forehead, eye area and eyebrows that occur due to facial expressions should also be removed with Botilinum Toxin-A (Botox-Disport) applications.

Sometimes botilinum toxin A applications can be used for preventive medicine at the age of 30 or even earlier, even if no wrinkles have appeared, so that they will not form in the future or will appear late and less.

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