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Nose aesthetics in Turkey.

If we divide the nose into two regions, the torso (back) and the tip (shape), although sometimes the person has no problems with the trunk, it may be that all of the person’s complaints are at the tip of the nose. In such cases, it is possible to get a nice tip of the nose that is compatible with the face and the rest of the nose by performing only a tip aesthetic, without any intervention in the bridge of the nose.

In the tip of the nose, cartilage and soft tissue structures are formed in only 1/3 of the nose. The tip of the nose can often be reduced and removed. If the tip of the nose is occasionally too small and raised too high, the opposite can increase and decrease the tip of the nose.
In nasal tip aesthetics, an unbuffered surgery is performed because the middle chamber cartilage, which we call the septum, is not touched. There are no bruises, minimal swelling can occur, recovery, return to everyday life and even business takes much less time.

Which people are suitable for a nose job?

Nasal aesthetics (nose correction); Anyone who is between 17 and 18 years old, has complaints about the breath and shape of the nose, has realistic expectations of their own nose, is suitable for this procedure. People who want to have a nose correction (rhinoplasty) should be both physically and mentally healthy.

People looking for a miracle should know while deciding on a nose job; Aesthetic surgery is performed to achieve a better and more beautiful appearance than before the operation. But sometimes miracles can happen. The more realistic your expectations are, the more likely you are to be satisfied with the result after the operation.

You should speak openly to your doctor about the expectations you have from the aesthetic procedure on the nose. The more reasonable your expectations are and designed according to your doctor’s recommendations, the more peaceful and healthy it will be for you during and after the recovery period.

Rhinoplasty in Turkey

What are the risks of rhinoplasty?

One of the risks of rhinoplasty; is that the shape of the nose expected from the operation is not achieved. With all nose corrections, the probability of encountering this condition is between 5 and 10%. In fact, this is not a high rate. To rule out this possibility or to reduce it to a lesser extent, it is necessary to listen and understand what your doctor is saying about the shape of your current nose and the shape of your nose before the operation, and to determine expectations accordingly.

Other risks are almost the same as with any other operation.

What are the problems with rhinoplasty?

Nasal aesthetics (nose correction); It was developed to solve breathing problems both formally and functionally. If you are breathing hard from your nose and are also planning a plastic surgery on the shape of your nose, you should definitely have two operations performed at the same time. This is because the cartilage that is removed from the nose when the airways open can be used to shape the nose in plastic nose surgery. It is therefore an important advantage to carry out two operations at the same time.

If you first underwent septoplasty to open the airway and later opted for nasal surgery, we may need to remove the cartilage from your ear or ribs if cartilage is needed to shape the nose during plastic surgery .
While the nose aesthetics (nose correction), large, arched, long and low noses are aesthetically corrected and shaped, sometimes small noses can be corrected and embellished with a nose operation.

What is Septorhinoplasty?

In people with curvature of the bones and cartilage in the nose, a situation occurs that is called the septal deviation (middle area of the nose). The curvatures in this area make breathing difficult and sometimes make it impossible, especially as the nose flesh grows. Operations in which only this deviation of the septum is corrected are called septoplasty, and operations in which both the curvature of the septum and the shape of the nose are corrected and the nose correction is carried out simultaneously are called septorhinoplasty.

What is revision or secondary nose aesthetics?

Sometimes the patient may not be happy with the result after rhinoplasty. In this case, corrective surgery is called revision or secondary rhinoplasty. In classic books, the probability of encountering this situation is generally given as 10%. For example, if the situation that leads to dissatisfaction is a minor matter, your doctor will raise the tip of your nose, but you want it to be lifted a little more, then your nose will curve again if you want your nose to be a little more if your nose is crooked or your nose is generally of a good size, curvature, but the tip is tilted slightly to the side, in such cases the problem can be solved with a small sweep or some sutures, and you can return to work without too much of yours everyday life to be distant.

What does a nice nose look like?

A nice nose; It is the nose that disappears in the person’s face. A beautiful nose is proportional to the other regions of the face. However, there is no perfect nose. If the eyes stand out more than the nose when looking at the face, this person’s nose is a beautiful and harmonious nose.

Planning during rhinoplasty

When examining the patient before rhinoplasty, the computer is designed after the exchange of ideas, using the images we have taken, taking into account the patient’s expectations. In this way, we inform the patient before the operation of what the end result could be.

How is rhinoplasty done?

Nasal aesthetic surgery is an operation that is performed under general anesthesia, with a smaller procedure it is rarely possible to use it under local anesthesia. There are two techniques of rhinoplasty, one open and one closed. Some surgeons use closed technique and some surgeons use open technique. Generally, I do a nasal aesthetic surgery using open technique. I prefer this technique because I find it safer and it helps improve the shape of the tip of the nose.

How is a nose job done gender-specifically?

The characteristic features of the beautiful nose in women and men are different. For example, in women, the tip of the nose should be slightly broad and raised compared to the nose trunk and have a nice curve, provided that it is not excessive. However, such a nose structure does not fit a male face and does not look nice. If the person is a man; The nose, the back of which is almost flat, the tip of which is pointed in relation to the trunk and the corner of the lip is not very wide, are considered to be more beautiful and acceptable noses.

What should the expectations of aesthetic nose surgery be?

The most important thing that people who want to have a nose job should know; Each nose has a limit on the shape it can take. Regardless of your nose, we cannot guarantee that it can be shaped into any desired nose because something like that is not possible. Because of this, it is not a proper behavior to go with pictures of someone for nose job, aesthetic surgeon.
The most correct and logical question you should ask your plastic surgeon is, “What are the structural features of my nose?” and the biggest change possible is the question. When approaching nose surgery in this way, expectations are more accurately and clearly defined and therefore satisfaction rates are significantly higher.

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