What are the reasons for the rapid aging of our hands?

Our hands are important organs for communicating with other people and for performing very important functions. Hands are often exposed to harmful environmental factors such as cold weather, sun rays, various chemicals and cleaning agents. Furthermore, it is the organ that we use most often and not covered with clothes like other parts of the body, it is more prone to injury, especially the sun, so it is also more difficult to heal. For this reason, the plump and shiny skin of the hand loses its elastic structure when it is 20 years old. Over time, the signs of aging increase, the wrinkles become stronger, the subcutaneous fat decreases, so that the veins become visible. It is an important indicator of aging.

Why is hand aesthetics surgery important?

Our hands are our most visible regions with our faces; When eating, writing, combing hair, coughing, talking on the phone, talking, shaking hands, touching someone, etc. Hands always attract attention, and jewelry such as rings draws attention directly to the hand. Especially for people who have had facial rejuvenation treatments like face lift, there is a very clear difference between the age of the face and the hand, since the above-mentioned activities are often performed together with the face and hands. This contrasting image makes people feel very uncomfortable and causes the hands to be hidden.

Hand aesthetics

Is there a situation that could prevent hand aesthetics?

There is no particular condition to prevent hand aesthetics surgery. Diseases such as connective tissue diseases, wound healing problems, allergies, blood pressure and diabetes should, however, be questioned before each operation and before a “hand aesthetics”.

Which complaints does hand aesthetics surgery solve?

In addition to the excess skin that causes wrinkles, the decrease in skin thickness and fullness of the skin, which is why the green shadows of the veins under the skin can be seen more clearly and the tendons, which are structures that move the fingers, can be seen at first glance and age spots on the skin are the problems that can be removed by this surgery.

What methods are available for hand aesthetics surgery?

The most common problems that cause the hand to appear old are: it is the fact that the vessels and tendons under the skin approach the surface and become more visible due to the decrease in subcutaneous fat. The thinning of the skin over time and the increase in sun-related spots also make this situation worse. The person’s own adipose tissue or finished fillers are injected under the skin and the thickness of the subcutaneous tissue is increased, thereby preventing or reducing the appearance of veins and tendons from the outside. Fillers are an application that must be repeated once a year. Long-lasting results are obtained with fat injection when used two or three times.

How are existing stains treated?

It is not only the disappearance of the subcutaneous tissue and thinning of the skin that causes the aging of the hand, but also the spots on the skin due to the sun and aging. Using chemical peeling and laser peeling methods to treat stains can solve these problems and give you lighter, flawless skin on your hand.

How are visible veins on the back of the hand removed?

One of the most important problems with losing weight and aging the hand is that the vessels expand and become more visible. The way to get rid of this appearance; a fat or filling injection is to be applied around the veins. However, sometimes the vessels are so wide that these applications may not be enough. In such a case, intravenous sclerosing agent injections give very good results.

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