Facial Bone Fractures.

What are the symptoms of facial fractures?

These regional fractures can lead to facial deformities. Moreover; Fractures in the bones around the eyes can lead to restricted movement in the eye, double vision or even loss of vision. Lower and upper jaw fractures can cause bite and speech disorders. Cheekbone fractures can interfere with chin movement. Nose fractures can lead to permanent airway obstructions. For all of these reasons, facial fractures are very important.

Facial bone fractures

Ideally, when should facial bone fractures be treated?

The ideal time is urgent treatment when the fracture occurs. Sometimes the operation can be delayed due to serious injuries in other areas. In this case, it is better to operate for the first 7 to 10 days before the fracture begins to heal. After the fracture has healed, the operation becomes quite difficult and the chances of success decrease.

What is the treatment for nose fractures?

If the fracture affects the structures in the nose, it can lead to airway congestion. Apart from this, considerable deformities can also occur. In general, the patient’s nose is restored under general or local anesthesia. After the fractures heal, the curved healing bones need to be broken and straightened, which is a longer and harder process.

What is the treatment for jaw fractures?

Depending on the shape and area of the fracture, there may be different alternatives. Surgery may require broken bones to be attached to each other with plates and screws, or they can be treated without surgery by attaching a wire to the teeth. Your doctor will decide which method is more suitable.

How should treatment for cheekbone and eye fractures be done?

There are different treatment options for these regions. The main principle is to detect broken bones through surgery. However, not all fractures need to be operated on. Sometimes fractures can heal spontaneously without intervention.

Does the plate screw used to detect the fractures harm the body?

Today, these plate screw systems mainly consist of titanium. However, it can also consist of other substances. All of these substances are of a type that causes little reaction in the body. However, it should be noted that these are foreign substances for the body. You therefore carry a risk of infection. Sometimes they even have to be removed years after the operation. However, they do not need to be removed unless there is such a complaint and they can stay for life. The only exception are child patients. It is advisable to remove the plate screws again so that they do not interfere with bone growth in children. Another alternative is the use of absorbable plates in children.

How is the healing period for facial fractures?

It is natural that the face has some swelling and bruising due to the fracture and trauma that forms the fracture. Sometimes these swellings are so high that it can be expected that the swelling will decrease a few days before you can operate successfully. If you need surgery, your swelling will increase depending on the surgery. It can take 3-4 weeks for the swelling to go down completely. Since the plates to be placed by the operation are either made in the mouth, directly under the eyelashes or on the scalp, the scar is generally not a problem. The bones of the facial area heal fairly quickly. There is a remarkable union in bones within 10-15 days, and accordingly the pain decreases significantly.

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