Genital aesthetics.

What problems cause genital deformities?

In men and women, genital deformities or a lack of the desired appearance pose important psychological and functional problems such as self-embarrassment, sexual displeasure and sexual dissatisfaction. Because of this situation, people who acquire an introverted depressive personality can separate from life, have problems with their spouses and isolate themselves from society.

What are the causes of vaginal deformities?

Due to aging, vaginal birth (especially those who underwent an episiotomy during birth and who have developed unwanted tears) and excessive sexual activity, there are changes in shape in the genital area and an aesthetically unattractive appearance. These problems are important for both the sexual partner and the woman herself.

What are the aesthetic problems in the genital area?

We can encounter many different manifestation problems in the vagina and around the vagina. For example, overweight women in the area above the vagina, which we call pubic bone, may experience excessive fat formation. An excessive size of the clitoris can appear both as an appearance and as a health problem. Due to the small clitoris or the large cover of the so-called clitoral hood, sexual discontent can occur due to the hidden clitoris.

Genital aesthetics

Labia majora (big labia), which are plump and lively at a young age, can lose their fullness and create an unpleasant appearance because they lose fat tissue through excessive weight loss or aging.
The most common problem among all of these deformities is; The structure that we call labia minora (small or inner labia of the vagina) is too large (hypertrophy). In addition, problems such as excessive expansion and sagging in the vagina can occur.

Labioplasty (vaginal labia correction)

Aesthetic interventions on small or inner lips (labium minora) and large or outer labia (labium majora) of the vagina are called labiaplasty (labia correction).
Large labia often cause appearance disorders, asymmetry, rubbing underwear or pain during sexual intercourse due to excessive growth (hypertrophy). With labioplasty (labia correction) these small problems can be solved by reducing the size of the labia.
Problems caused by aging and weakness, such as shrinking, fading and losing fullness, are treated with fat and filling injections.

Pubis aesthetics

The area at the front of the vagina above the clitoris is called the pubic region. Especially in overweight women, excessive fat in this area can lead to excessive fat accumulation and unevenness. This appearance is sometimes very annoying. The most effective way to remove this image is to use liposuction to remove these fats.

Vaginal tightening surgery

Excessive vaginal expansion usually occurs due to vaginal delivery, old age, and excessive sexual activity. During vaginal tightening surgery, part of the mucous membrane on the inner walls and at the entrance to the vagina is removed, and the remaining mucous membrane (inner covering) is sewn to narrow the vagina. The surgery can be performed under general anesthesia or spinal-epidural anesthesia (numbness below the waist). This operation takes about 1 hour. You can return home the same day. The ban on sexual intercourse must be observed for at least one month after surgery to tighten the vagina.

How is labioplasty performed?

Labioplasty (labia correction) is an approximately 1-hour operation that can be performed under local anesthesia or spinal-epidural anesthesia (numbness below the waist). You can return home the same day. Basically, this can be done with two different techniques. One of them is to cut off the excess part from the free edge. With this method, the scar is a visible scar because the incision is on the free edge. However, since the scar heals very well in the labial area, it is not a disturbing scar.
The method that is used more often and offers a more aesthetic appearance is the technique of flap labioplasty (inferior wedge). In this procedure, the incisions made and the remaining scars are at the base and are not directly visible because the removed piece is in the lower and inner part. If it heals normally, there are no scar problems. In addition, since the incision in the flap technique is not on the free edge, there are no sensitivity problems. After a labioplasty, tight pants should be avoided for about 2 weeks, and the prohibition of intercourse should be followed for 3 weeks.

Labia majora (aesthetics of the labia majora)

The problems with the big labia are generally the filling of the labia, which have lost volume. Since there is no surgical incision, there is no scar. Own fat or  fillers can be used as filler. Because it is a sensitive region, your own fat is preferred. Sometimes 2 sessions are required to get lasting results with fat injection. Fillers should be repeated once a year. However, less substance is required for each application. It can be done with local sedation anesthesia or spinal-epidural (numbness). You can return home the same day. The ban on sexual intercourse must be observed for about 10 days.

Aesthetics of the male genital area

For men who have problems with penis length and thickness, over time, this stress can lead to psychological and physiological disorders that cause sexuality and / or anxiety.
Penis enlargement, penis thickening: The penis length can be extended by engaging in the suspensory band with a very small incision in the penis root by 1-2 cm. This solves the problem, but the length of an erect penis does not increase due to the lengthening. The tissue removed from the person can be placed around the penis and thus the penis thickened.

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