What is Mesotherapy?

People with various problems try to treat dryness of the skin, loss of moisture, blotching, thinning of the skin tissue, scaling, wrinkles, aging; Since it is usually a very simple and quick method, you prefer to use different cream, vitamin and stain removal products and apply them to the skin. The amount of creams and serums that are applied to the skin from the outside in this way have very little or no effect, since only the outer skin layer and not the lower skin layers are reached.

The process of delivering therapeutic agents directly to the skin using very small and special injectors is called mesotherapy instead of applying it to the skin from the outside. Mesotherapy drugs are drugs that nourish the skin, moisturize and thus remove dryness, have the property of treating sun and age spots and reducing wrinkles by a certain percentage.

Medicines and nutrient serums used in mesotherapy are sometimes prepared by the doctor in various cocktails, sometimes in the form of cocktails supplied by the company. The process is carried out by giving mesotherapy drugs in the form of small and numerous injections into and under the skin.

Generally, rejuvenating mesotherapy treatments against aging effects are in combinations, more natural and successful results are achieved when applied to the entire face. When applied to certain areas of the face and not the entire face, the areas treated with mesotherapy appear livelier, brighter, more humid and younger, while the areas that have not been treated are deprived of this appearance. Regions that are generally used to reduce the effects of aging; It is the face, the neck-chin area, the cleavage area and the hands.

Mesotherapy in Turkey

Mesotherapy is not only used for rejuvenation. It is successful and satisfactory for solving regional fat and cellulite problems with lipolytics, for stretch marks treatment, for lightening skin color, for treating acne and acne scars, for treating spots, for hair loss and offers better results for the growth of beautiful hair after Hair transplants.

The processing time varies between 15 and 45 minutes, depending on the width and the purpose of the application. The total number of sessions ranges from 5 to 10. To predict how many sessions there will be, it would be more accurate to conduct 2-3 sessions and make a decision based on the result achieved. The sessions last between one and two weeks depending on the purpose.


After mesotherapy, short-term rashes of varying degrees appear on the skin. For this reason, it makes sense to use sunscreen after application.


The effects of mesotherapy begin immediately and it will take some time before the really positive results are visible on the skin. During this period, it averages one month, depending on the texture of the skin and the degree of the problem.

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