Breast Reduction.

Why Is Breast Reduction Done??

Breasts that are larger than normal (macromastia, gigantomasti), depending on the weight of the larger breasts, can lead to psychological problems; It causes collapse, back pain, itching from constant sweating under the sagging chest, rash and bad smell. For this reason, besides being an aesthetic surgery, breast reduction aesthetics, which is performed to make larger and sagging breasts smaller than normal, provides physical relief to the patient, breathing of the person is regulated, increases mobility, relieves shoulder and back pain. Given this situation, breast reduction is also a functional surgery.


At What Age Can Breast Reduction Be Carried Out?

Breasts complete their growth between the ages of 18 and 21, so it can usually be done medically around the age of 20. What we call virgin hypertrophy; In cases of excessive breast size at a very early age, it may be necessary to undergo a breast reduction less than 20 years old if the excessive breast size significantly impairs the physical activity and everyday life of the person. If done under 20, the breast should continue to grow after the surgery.

Breast Reduction

Does Breast Reduction Prevent Breast Milk From Being Produced?

Breast tissue consists of fats and mammary glands. Although the mammary glands are mostly in the middle area, the adipose tissue and the glands are usually mixed together and are usually located in the breast. During the reduction operation, both the adipose tissue as well as the mammary glands and milk ducts are taken together. Although breast secretion is better preserved with breast reductions that are done through more protection of the middle region, it is believed that theoretically milk secretion decreases by an average of 50%.

What Is The Technique For Breast Reduction?

The technique to be used for breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) varies depending on the size, shape, degree of sagging of the breast and the experience of the surgeon. During the operation, nipple blood flow is maintained and breast volume is reduced by removing the milk and adipose tissue from the sides and bottom or the sides and top of the breast according to the chosen technique. The nipples are moved to the level of the nipple line that should normally be. According to the technique chosen at the end of the operation; Around the nipple there are scars that extend vertically over the nipple and sometimes additionally horizontally over the nipple line.

With the goal of leaving fewer scars recently, the “vertical mammoplasty” technique has become popular, which enables breast reduction without incision along the underbust line. In vertical mammoplasty, instead of an inverted T-shaped scar, a vertical scar appears around the nipple and along the nipple. However, this technique cannot be applied to very large breasts. In general, we prefer vertical mammoplasty for breasts that are not excessively large and have good skin elasticity.

What Is The Purpose Of Breast Reduction?

The goal of breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) is to bring the larger and flabby breasts to their normal size and to keep them upright. In the meantime, the colored part, which we call the areola around the nipple, is also shrunk and brought to sizes that are suitable for the new breast.

Does The Breast Reduction Result In A Permanent Scar?

Breast reduction surgery (reduction mammoplasty) has permanent scars in different ways, depending on the different techniques used in the newly created breast. At first, these scars can be red and noticeable, but they fade over time.

Does Breast Reduction Affect Pregnancy?

Breast reduction is usually done in women who no longer want children. However, breasts usually grow in young girlhood and in an excessive size. The discomfort caused by a breast that is too large is so extreme that it is not possible to wait for surgery after pregnancy. In such cases, this surgery will not cause problems during pregnancy if you have had breast reduction before pregnancy. What you should know is that your milk secretion decreases after birth.

Is Breast Reduction A Difficult Operation?

Breast reduction is an operation that takes about 2-3 hours depending on the technique to be used with general anesthesia and breast size. Although it appears to be long, it is generally a comfortable operation even after surgery. There is no very severe pain. However, there may be slight pain in the first 3-4 days, but this can be relieved with painkillers. In general, you can continue your daily activities after the 4th day, but the dressing should be renewed regularly during this time.

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