Does Nose Correction Damage The Nasal Bones? ?

Rhinoplasty Surgery.

Most people fear that their nose bones will break during a nose correction. In nasal aesthetics we can say that the process of breaking the nose occurs in some cases, and not in some cases. It is used to break the nasal bone when removing the noseband and to remove the appearance of an “open roof”. Without this step, the nose can have a very broad appearance. Another common reason is that the nose gives an amorphous and curved appearance. The nose bone does not need to be broken only when the tip of the nose needs to be aligned. In cases where the nose bone needs to be broken, we can say that the healing process will take longer.

As can be seen, the rupture of the nasal bone during the nose job depends on the structure of the nose. The shredding is done with a special nose cutting tool. Because the patients are anesthetized, they do not feel what is happening during the operation. It should be noted that the pain felt when squeezing the nose corresponds to a slight headache. Along with all of this, general damage to the nasal bone is not a serious problem if a specialist does the nose correction. It is a successful method to shape the nasal bone with the help of a micromotor in recent periods. Thanks to this method, the number of times the nose bone should be broken has decreased.

Does Nose Correction Damage The Nasal Bones?

Is There A Dip In The Nose?

There are some patients who say that they have a lowering of the nose after aesthetic nose surgery. The nose is excessively swollen after a nose correction. As a result of this swelling, the tip of the nose may appear extremely raised, and if the swelling subsides over time, the view of the extremely raised nose disappears. Therefore, it appears to the patient as if the tip of the nose had dropped. This is not a real lowering, but the pain in the nose is reduced to what should normally be. After completing a one-year recovery process, the desired result is achieved from the aesthetic operation of the nose.

A falling tip of the nose is a process that varies from person to person, but is also a proportional, naturally occurring process in relation to aging. If the tip of the nose is not properly supported during rhinoplasty or in people with too thick a nasal skin, a lowering of the nose may result.

Is A Nose Correction Permanent?

Rhinoplasty, also known as rhinoplasty, is a permanent procedure. Therefore, people who want a nose correction should think carefully and in detail before making a decision. Rhinoplasty is a process that should only be done on a nose that has completed its development. The development of the nose in humans is completed at the age of 16 or 17 years. If rhinoplasty is applied before this age, development in the nose can combine with aesthetic surgery and cause possible problems and deformities.

What Are The Advantages Of A Nose Correction?

Thanks to the nose correction, it is possible to achieve a more beautiful appearance and at the same time better breathing. Therefore, we can say that it is not an operation that is preferred only for aesthetic reasons.

The nose is one of the most important regions for our aesthetic appearance on the face. Nasal aesthetic surgery is the most preferred facial surgery, especially for women. A nicer nose can contribute to the appearance of the individual and strengthen self-confidence. With the nose correction it is possible to correct the shape of the nose, to increase or decrease the size, to change the angle and to correct the nose, which has no correct shape.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Rhinoplasty?

Instead of the disadvantages of a nose correction, the risks of aesthetic surgery can be mentioned. We can say that aesthetic nose surgery carries very little risk. Your doctor will also tell you about the risks before the operation.

It is also useful to remember that all surgical procedures involve risks. Some patients may experience negative effects, e.g. B. allergic reactions to anesthesia, infections and internal bleeding, numbness in the region in which the operation is performed or wounds.

To minimize all of these effects, it is useful to listen to the doctor’s recommendations and apply them. Rhinoplasty is a common surgery and if done by a professional specialist, complications can be minimized.

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