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Prof. Dr. Ufuk Bilkay.

ENT Specialist Dr. Özge Bilkay.

Professor Doctor Ufuk Bilkay and Operating Doctor Özge Bilkay provide premium quality healthcare services with an experienced team for plastic surgery operations.

We organize everything perfectly for you for a perfect health experience. Your transfer, your accommodation, personal assistant, your operation and follow up after operation.

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    Facelifting in Turkey

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    Facelifting in Turkey


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    Facelifting in Turkey

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    Next Generation Face Rejuvenation Technology:

    Infinite Thread Face Lifting
    (Infinity Lift)

    Go back in time with Bilkay Aesthetics Clinic İzmir Turkey Next Generation Rejuvenation Technology Infinite Thread Face Lifting Applications.

    Facelifting operations are performed to remove sagging and wrinkled skin on the face and neck. It is the most comprehensive facial rejuvenation surgery. With increasing age, both the facial skin and the muscles that support this skin and connective tissie are relaxed, exposed to gravity and relax.

    Facelifting in Turkey
    Facelifting in Turkey

    Infinite Thread
    Face Lifting

    With no cut, no scar.

    When the signs of age are clearly visible and skin sagging has occurred, surgery, namely a facelift surgery, is inevitable. Facelifting operations are applied to the patient’s problem using various techniques.

    These methods can be done; Forehead-temple lifting, middle-face lifting, full-face lifting and neck lifting can. If necessary, an endoscope should be used when applying these techniques. If the patient needs it, eyelid aesthetics should be performed during facial lift surgery and rejuvenation provided around the eyes.

    Go back in time with

    Bilkay Aesthetics Clinic Izmir, Turkey

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    3 Pairs of Thread

    2900 €

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      Facelifting in Turkey
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