Who can a face lift be performed on?

When the signs of age are clearly visible and skin sagging has occurred, surgery, namely a facelift surgery, is inevitable. Facelifting operations are applied to the patient’s problem using various techniques. These methods can be done; Forehead-temple lifting, middle-face lifting, full-face lifting and neck lifting can. If necessary, an endoscope should be used when applying these techniques. If the patient needs it, eyelid aesthetics should be performed during facial lift surgery and rejuvenation provided around the eyes.

How is an aesthetic surgery done, which tightens the forehead and raises the eyebrows?

Although there are many different techniques for toning the forehead and lifting the eyebrows, the scalp is usually cut through the skin and the scars are not visible. In addition, the eyebrows are raised by using different thread materials or by simply moving the forehead upwards (raising the eyebrows). Eyebrow lifting surgery can also be done endoscopically to reduce the length of the incision. This procedure with special cameras and tools is called endoscopic eyebrow lifting or endoscopic eyebrow lifting. Surgery to lift the eyebrows can also be performed by attaching a hanging surgical thread from the outside without opening the skin with very small (1-2 mm) cuts. This way, only the eyebrow is pulled up, so it is not a comprehensive intervention. However, it is popular with patients who are afraid of surgery who want to raise their eyebrows without surgery. You should decide with your surgeon which method is best for you.


What are the additional treatments for facelifting?

A person who has opted for facelift surgery should know the following; In order for the operation to be more successful in the end, fat injections, fillers, lasers or Botox-Disport (Botilinum Toxin-A) must be used after the operation, if the doctor considers it necessary. These techniques, which we call non-invasive aids, make a significant contribution to the result of a facelift surgery and leave the skin looking rested and refreshed.

How is the firming operation performed in the middle of the face?

A medium facial lift (facial aesthetics) is performed to rejuvenate the area between the eyes and mouth, including the cheeks and cheekbones. This region, which hangs down with gravity, causes the face to flatten and give it a lifeless and old look. The size of the plump cheeks and cheekbones in adolescence decreases with age. The goal of middle face lift is to move the muscles of the middle face and most of the skin to the upper natural area. In this way, the cheeks become rounded, deep wrinkles around the mouth disappear and the face is relieved of the tired expression. To do this, it is cut along a line that leaves no traces between the lower eyelid and the eyelashes. (Lower eyelid rejuvenation surgery and eye bags can be performed in the same session.) Small scalp incisions can also be made that leave no scars. Medium facelifting operations can also be performed endoscopically. Non-surgical facial tightening techniques can also be used to raise the midface area. While not as effective and long-lasting as surgical interventions, they do offer some improvement to patients who are afraid of surgery. For this purpose, specially designed surgical loop threads (aptos) are placed in the middle of the face by opening only small holes without cutting the skin open. The shelf life can be 1.5 – 2 years. Surgical midface aesthetics are permanent, but aging is an ongoing process even after surgery, which is why the effects will be felt over a long period of time.

How is the entire face lift done?

Facelifting operations are performed to remove sagging and wrinkled skin on the face and neck. It is the most comprehensive facial rejuvenation surgery. With increasing age, both the facial skin and the muscles that support this skin and connective tissue are relaxed, exposed to gravity and relax. To cover the entire face and neck, the ear is opened by cutting off the skin that starts from the upstream fold around the earlobe and extends behind the ear to the scalp. This line is hidden between the hair in front of the ear front fold and the scars are therefore not visible after the operation. In a classic face lift (facial aesthetics), after cutting the skin and subcutaneous fat, they are removed together and separated from the deeper muscle and connective tissue. In this way the skin is lifted and the temples, cheeks, chin and neck are removed. In this way, the muscle and connective tissue, which is the essential tissue of the face and offers the essential resistance to gravity, is completely visible. This texture is stretched with permanent stitches that are deep and invisible from the outside, thereby eliminating sagging. Then the skin is stretched back and up and the excess amount is determined and marked. The excess skin is removed from these marked areas. The amount of skin is then determined and sewn to the new areas. In addition to these procedures, longitudinal liposuction can be performed in the same session.

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