Healing Process After a Rhinoplasty.

One of the questions that most people who have had a nose job (Rhinoplasty) surgery ask our clinic is, “when can I see my rhinoplasty results?” We understand that you are so eager to see your new nose, and that’s why you’re so excited. In this article, we wanted to create a guide to what awaits you in the days and weeks after the nose job surgery.

What are the stages of healing after a rhinoplasty?

The nose is an organ that tends to hold more edema than other organs of the body. But don’t let that worry you. This is just a situation where you have to be a little more patient. After a successful rhinoplasty, you will be expected in the following stages.

After a week of rhinoplasty

The first week following your rhinoplasty will first be taken from silicone bumpers placed inside the nose and plastic plaster applied on the nose. Although your nose is foggy, it will give you an idea of its overall appearance. Especially for patients with excessive belts or severe septum deviations, the initial appearance excites patients to see how it might look when they have completed a long-term recovery.

Burun Estetiği Sonrası İyileşme Süreci

Three to four weeks after the rhinoplasty

After three to 4 weeks of your rhinoplasty, your swelling will be greatly reduced. This means you can see the structure and shape of your new nose more clearly. However, the finer details will not be visible yet. Most patients in these weeks should be concerned that this is the final outcome, but they should not forget that the final result will be revealed much longer.

Three months after the rhinoplasty

After three months of your rhinoplasty, the finest details of your nose will become more and more pronounced. You’ll start to see how I shape the subtle details of your nose’s structure, how I capture facial harmony, and how I balance your facial features. After three months, most patients do not feel the need to continue their follow-up exams because they are satisfied with the outcome of the rhinoplasty.

In the next months...

For 6, 12, and 24 months after your rhinoplasty, I continue to follow my patients as needed. after 6 months, the nose edges and nose tips will become more elegant, and the shapes we make in bone and cartilage will look better. 1 year after the nose job surgery, all your swelling will now be gone and your new nose will be fully finalized. Patients enjoy their new noses in the process, and most of my patients have forgotten that they have a rhinoplasty.

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