What Is A Male Breast Enlargement? How Can It Be Corrected By Aesthetics?

Gynecomastia In Men?

Gynecomastia is a Greek word meaning “breasts like a woman”. The word is used in medicine to illustrate breast growth in men. Although little is said about this strange situation, it is a very common situation. Today, 40 to 60 percent of men are affected by gynecomastia. It can affect one breast, although there are people who have both breasts. While it is not known what the true cause of such a condition is, it is known that some diseases and certain medications are associated with this condition.

It has been shown that aesthetic breast reduction is beneficial for men with low self-confidence in their appearance. This process is used by removing glandular tissue or fat from the breasts. In some cases related to breast augmentation in men, it is also possible to remove excess skin. After treatment, the breast looks flatter, stronger and more shaped.

Who Can Gynecomastia Surgery Be Performed On?

Gynecomastia is an operation that can be used on healthy men of all ages with an “emotional balance”. It is advantageous if the persons suitable for this operation have firm or stretchy skin.

Since obese or overweight men do not try to find solutions to their physical activity or weight loss problems, surgery can be a method that discourages such people. In addition, gynecomastia operatin is not a recommended method for people who use drugs and alcohol.


What Is A Male Breast Enlargement? How Can It Be Corrected By Aesthetics?

Drugs, anabolic steroids, medication to prevent seizure problems and many other medications can cause problems in men that can lead to breast enlargement. Therefore, people should try to discontinue these medications or bad habits before considering surgery to correct this problem. In this way the cause of the problem can be clearly understood.

Gynecomastia Surgery In Men

We can say that complications are fairly rare or small in size when breast reduction in men is done by a specialized plastic surgeon. However, it should be noted that risk factors occur with every operation. The surgery can result in wounds of a certain size, permanent pigment changes in the breast area or incompatible nipples or breasts. If the asymmetry is noticeable, a second operation may be necessary to remove the extra tissue. After the operation, temporary problems such as breast reduction and loss of feeling in the breast can occur.

Planning The Operation

It is very important to give your surgeon a preliminary assessment for gynecomastia surgery. After examining your history, your doctor will examine what caused your gynecomastia problem in your breasts. Your plastic surgeon will check whether the use of liver dysfunction, estrogenic medication or anabolic streoids is the cause of your problem and will direct you to the required units if the problem is caused by medication and disease.

In some cases, further investigation may be required. Although these tests are less likely, they eliminate the risk of breast cancer and provide information about the structure of the breast. Once your doctor has checked how much fat or glandular tissue is in your breasts, you will be recommended the best plastic surgery method you need.

Your New Look

Gynecomastia can improve your appearance or increase your confidence. However, there is no guarantee that this surgery will achieve the look you want. Before the surgery, you need to talk to your plastic surgeon about your postoperative appearance and carefully weigh your expectations.

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